Cargo insurance



Cargo insurance


We will handle your cargo with the greatest responsibility and take care of its safety. However, though rarely, there are accidents that we can not prevent,
therefore we advice you to take out insurance for any cargo.


In particular, we recommend the insurance of vulnerable, fragile and especially valuable cargoes.





Freight insurance will protect you from any losses that may occur




In car accidents, natural disasters

and fire.


In the event of a theft of attempted theft, robbery, vandalism or explosion.


In case of a damage caused by
careless acts or other accidents during
the transportation.





Insure your cargo according to its value!


Every cargo, including small packages, etc is worth being insured. Contact our specialists to find out the costs of the safety of your cargo!




Want to know more about this service?





Phone  +371 67 170 070
Mobile +371 26 009 009





Why do we choose insuring our cargoes with BALTA




BALTA’s reputation and experience 

Prompt issuance of insurance indemnity 

Simple purchase of insurance

Verified cooperation 







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