Consolidated cargo transportation



International cargo transportation by land


We provide full door-to-door service of transportation by land. We offer both economy and express shipping. We are excellent at adapting to

non-standard situations.





We provide


Unlike other freight carriers, we consider full service, punctuality, safety and regularity not as our comparative

advantage but as our responsibility.



Consolidated cargo


Freight consolidation from any continental territory of Italy, Spain, Portugal and France.

Regular and safe delivery of cargo


We have our own car park, so we are independent and able to ensure punctuality and safety by taking. 

Personal approach


Our biggest advantage is the ability to provide personal approach both in Latvia and Western Europe.



We know that you will be counting on the agreed time of delivery, so we will deliver exactly as promised! Realistic
timing - realistic work!





Consolidated cargo transportation area


We provide consolidated cargo transportation between Latvia, as well as other Baltic states, France, Italy, Portugal and Spain. Get in touch, if you are interested in freight transport between other European Union countries.



List of consolidated cargo routes

Latvia | Baltic states | Italy | Spain | France | Portugal


Cross-border transportation, for example, between 

Italy and Spain I Rome and Nice I Monaco and Malaga I etc







Receive a quote


Do you want to know the cost of transporting your goods in the standard economy regime? Fill out the application and receive our offer within

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The goods that our clients entrust us with the most



Finishing materials



Sports equipment, motorcycles and skis





How we work


We offer a full supply cycle from the sender’s door to the door of the recipient.



The offer


Based on the specifics of your cargo and the distance of transportation, we
will provide you with an individual quote.

Receiving cargo


If necessary, we will complete cargo consolidation and loading  at the place
and time specified by you.



We will carry out a safe transportation of your cargo. We will also recommend to get your cargo insured for 100% security against any unforeseen incident.



If necessary, we will complete all the necessary cargo documentation and
organise customs formalities.



Want to know more about this service?




Mobile +371 26 009 009






"Our goal is to provide such a service that the goods that the client entrusts us with do not lose value and bear fruit in the future.

We ensure that the goods do not break or get damaged, and that they arrive in the destination at the right time: before the start of the season or a sales campaign, or the time agreed on with the end customer. Most of our clients are businessmen and businesswomen, so our team’s priorities are time, safety and reliable cooperation."



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